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Challenging games to prove your skills

Jeff Franklin

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Are you an expert on games? Are you looking for a challenge?
Don’t worry because we’ve selected five titles that present the player with a real hustle. There is a game for everyone’s needs – from Solitaire to Bubble Shooter. These challenge not only reflexes but the whole mind. Similar games indeed help the brain memorize, react, and function better overall.

These take it to the next level as they not only promote brain activity. These titles develop fast thinking and reacting as soon as you see an obstacle. They are intended for the pros, the ones that demand a challenge and have no problem playing on expert difficulty.

Zombie Pac-Man

image1 -- Zombie Pac-Man

Based on the notorious classic Pac-Man, this Zombie version is a modern take on it. The game provides players with a real challenge. The player must be precise with his movements because the controls are not accurate enough. This makes it seem like the zombies are faster than you. What’s more, the whole terrain isn’t visible, and you can’t be sure there isn’t an enemy coming from the side of the screen.

A helping hand are the brain consumables situated around each corner of the maze. Once you take one, you become a zombie and can hunt for a limited time. The music is also putting the player in the mood for a horror zombie hunt. You have only three lives, and believe me, you can run out of them quickly if not cautious.

Spider Solitaire Time (Hard Difficulty)

image2 -- Spider Solitaire Time

In comparison with the previous, Spider Solitaire is more of a slow-paced game in which the winning strategy for the player is to think over the move he is about to make. It’s no wonder why the alternative name of the game is Patience. Take this aside because this adaptation includes a timer. What this means is that you must be careful making the right move and also doing it fast. This makes the game a skill-demanding title just for professionals.

The difficulties are 1 Suit, 2 Suits, and 4 Suits. Each mode has its own set time to finish the game. With this choice for pros, you can advance your brain skills as the timer demands your fast reactions and strategy.

Sudoku (Insane Difficulty)

image3 -- Sudoku Insane Difficulty

The game of Sudoku originates from Japan. It is logical, rational and its insane difficulty offers players a challenge. The game requires hard thinking for you to come up with a solution to it. The main goal of the game is to fill in the missing digits on a 9×9 grid so that every 3×3 square on the board has all the numbers from 1-9 without any numbers repeating.

Considering you are familiar with Sudoku and are ready now for the ultimate challenge, the Insane difficulty sets the bar high and causes some trouble solving the puzzle. This game mode will most probably irritate your brain. Nonetheless, when faced with difficult obstacles and your mind goes over them, it is developing in a way that everyday tasks can’t do. Try this game out and see if it is the one that suits your needs.

Double Klondike Solitaire

image4 -- Double Solitaire

The name Double comes from the fact that the game is played with two decks instead of one. This goes to say that you are playing with 108 cards instead of the usual 54. This is why your Foundation Piles are double. You also have two Tableaus more, compared to the classic Solitaire.

It uses the same ruleset as Klondike. The player has to stack his Foundations in order from Ace to King for each suit. There are two game modes, the easier one drawing one card from the Pile and the harder one drawing three. The two extra Tableaus help to organize your columns better as it gives more playing space. This one doesn’t have a timer, so feel free to plan out your winning strategies for as long as you like.

Bubble Freedom

image5 -- Bubble Freedom

There is no joking around – this game is considerably hard. Bubble Freedom provides a classic hardcore experience. There is a timer that adds up the time to the next level as you progress. When you finish the first two levels, the game becomes aggressively uphill as the bubbles’ order gets complicated and your time runs out quickly. Bubble Freedom is all about matching colored bubbles and clearing the terrain. After you’ve cleared most of them, you start shooting bombs that give you extra points.

There are bubbles with a form in them that also give the player extra points for matching. You also have two bubbles available to shoot so you can switch the color that’s fitting your strategy the most.


All the reviewed titles in this article provide a tough time. They are meant for those who want to go all the way. Going hardcore is not for everyone and especially not for leisure time. The shown games require concentration and quick reactions for the player to win. Some titles require speed, and some demand a well-trained logical brain.

The games on our site improve brain health and support it in the long run. Do activities such as reading, solving puzzles, and staying away from social media seem hard for you? Playing brain games can be a detox and a gateway to productive hobbies and breaking bad habits. So why not spend some minutes a day playing games that activate the mind.

You can check our other articles that can help you find what’s the most suitable experience for you.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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