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Five games to spend your day playing

Jeff Franklin

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Sunday evening, it’s cold outside, and you have nothing to do but relax. Why not spend time playing online games and train your mind a bit? The titles we have selected are easy to learn and don’t require much skill to master. What’s more, these can increase your brain’s everyday productivity. This is because they require logic, pattern recognition, and test memory. Playing brain games enhances your mind functions and its performance. I’d suggest you dive right in.

Golf Solitaire

image1 -- Golf Solitaire

This Solitaire installment is called Golf because like the infamous game it requires patience to win. If you focus just on the first card in each column, you can easily get stuck at some point later. To play effectively, the player needs to know each card that is on the playing field. By looking at all of them, you can plan your winning strategy.

In this way, the game teaches you to consider all matters before making a move and not just instinctively pursue what opportunity is in front. This is great because it puts your mind into a specific state. As a result, your brain gets used to this thinking pattern and it benefits from it in real life situations. What’s more practical and entertaining?

1 Suit Spider Solitaire

image2 -- 1 Suit Spider Solitaire

Okay, so we have reviewed Spider Solitaire before. What is different in this adaptation is that the game is played in one suit. That gives a lot of freedom to people who are not that familiar with card games. Here the player can practice his tactics without making sure he has the right suit for their column. That provides a satisfying experience as you must only follow the cards’ descending order.

Overall, Solitaire is a great distraction. It gives your brain a task it must follow to win. Also, Patience activates parts of the brain that are not functioning during day-to-day tasks. I would recommend this one for beginners because the game teaches you card order. Card games can be a great practice for your prediction and observation skills. So, when you find yourself in a situation where your friends want to play card games, you are familiar with the game set.

Sudoku Classic

image3 -- Sudoku Classic

Sudoku is another title that deserves admiration for its challenging nature. It is not a coincidence that it has been around for so long. What’s more, it’s not only meant for elders to play but to be enjoyed by people of all ages as well.

If you are a newcomer to Sudoku, your first puzzles might take more time to find a solution. You shouldn’t feel down by that. This is because your brain is working in a new way. Therefore, there are different difficulties that help you get in the mindset of a sudoku player. After some practice in finishing sudoku puzzles, it will take you less time to solve a sudoku and you can decide if the game is right for you. This version also offers a helping hand by having a hint button that can save you in tough situations.

Mahjong Relax

image4 -- Mahjong Relax

Mahjong Relax is a game to fill that break time you keep wondering how to spend. Well, matching Chinese tiles can be your solution. The game is quite simple as the player must match the outside tiles with their twin ones.

There are no levels that increase the difficulty, and there isn’t any timer. If you get out of options, there’s a mix button that reorders the tiles, and you get new possibilities.

Mahjong is the kind of game that enhances energy levels and awakens the player. It is a puzzle that demands attention and calms the brain at the same time. This game of Chinese origin is a great choice for you to have some fun on a monotonous day. It is a great puzzle game to recommend even to your grandparents or children around you. Thanks to its puzzle mechanism, games of this sort improve brain functions such as reaction time, visual orientation, and memory. Mahjong Relax brings an atmosphere of relaxation while challenging the mind.

Sweet Bubble Fruitz

image5 -- Sweet Bubble Fruitz

Sweet Bubble Fruitz is just what comes to mind when you imagine a relaxing bubble shooter. This version is full of eye-pleasing animations, rewards, and power-ups that add to the magical experience. It is split into levels, each slowly increasing in difficulty, introducing the newcomer to bubble games’ gameplay.

Bubble games are healthy since they provoke the mind to repeat combinations of colors. They are innovative as they do not only entertain but also sharpen brain functions. No age limits the players for games of that sort. They activate regions of the brain that are not activated in day-to-day activities which is why they are preferred by all age groups. It is because everyone’s mind needs some training. This process of provoking the brain to work is clever considering that it seems like entertainment but is actually the best of both worlds – fun and healthy.


So, we’ve depicted these five games’ strengths and concluded that they not only provide a pleasant time but also improve cognitive abilities. They have proven to strengthen brain muscles and prolong our well-being. This is the reason why people play such games. A simple online game can seem nothing much, but it has proven to increase connectivity between brain regions and boost productivity.
So why don’t you see for yourself how one of our five game choices could affect your performance?


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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