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Games to get faster at decision-making

Jeff Franklin

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These games focus on quick decision-making and improving your cognitive abilities. Some might call them old-fashioned, but their gameplay is simple yet challenging. Our games selection is a guide towards finding the type of experience that will fit you.

Classic Tetris

image1 -- Classic Tetris gameplay

Tetris is shapes, geometry, and logic. What is unique about those colorful blocks? Once an all-age favorite, it has proven to be a great brain training experience instead of just a game for children. When presented with random blocks, the player must try his best to fill the gaps. This helps to improve your visual orientation.

Researchers in New Mexico found out that by playing Tetris, your mind uses more of its capacity. This means that activities will be using less brainpower. Tetris can be considered as a gateway path to improving at more complex tasks like reading.

The doctors who undertook the study found out that a challenging task can alter the brain’s structure. Playing the game for an extended period could even help fight off the mental decline that occurs with aging.

One huge advantage is the concept of the game. After you see that you made a mistake, there’s no time for overthinking. Another block appears and requires your immediate action.

Tetris Cube

image2 -- Tetris Cube 3D effect of the game

Tetris Cube provides players with the plain original experience of the classic from over 30 years ago. There is no instant dropping and no aiming to where the blocks will fall. It’s as vanilla as it can be. The only advantage you have is the small 3D effect that can help improve your orientation.

What is helpful here is the box that shows you which block comes next. That helps you plan your strategy.

As humans, our natural desire is to keep things in order. Tetris is essentially engaging you with a stream of unfinished tasks. It wants you to organize and achieve goals.

Thirty minutes a day arranging shapes enhances memory, attention, and thought. Tetris could also help reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

Tetris Cube is challenging and satisfying at the same time.


image3 -- Pac-Man level showcase

Pac-Man is one of the games that gave birth to arcade gaming with coins. Its gameplay revolves around four ghosts that hunt you in each terrain. If they capture you, it will result in a game over. Your goal, however, is to get all the coins spread around the terrain to win in each level.

Did you know that Pac-Man is also used to exercise the brain? You can play this one to kill some time and still benefit from it. Games like Pac-Man demand complex brain functions like alertness, constant attention, and memory.

With the help of this game, you can take the initiative to improve your decision-making and concentration. Ironically, Pac-Man is a great procrastination killer because it requires skills that are used in complex tasks.

Pac-Man Adventure

image4 -- Pac-Man Adventure power-up mode

Pac-Man Adventure is more complex than the Classic version. The main character moves slow, and you must be precise when you’d like to switch directions. This version teaches you to move carefully if you want to win.

Similar games have proven to increase a person’s grey matter and connectivity between brain regions.

Playing Pac-Man Adventure can help you learn faster. It does this by giving the player a task. Players can create better learning habits by working with different shapes in the game. In order to plan ahead, our mind builds imaginary models of the world and the game encourages this. It is true that when playing puzzle games of this kind, the brain uses more of its capacity compared to when doing everyday tasks.

Pac-Man is a great way to zone out and work out the mind at the same time.

Zombie Pac-Man

image5 -- Zombie Pac-Man Environment and characters

Now, Zombie Pac-Man is a modern take on the original. It feels like a full game because it has 3D graphics like the terrain and your character. He is hunted by zombies this time instead of ghosts. You can see a brain near my player. When he consumes it, he turns into a zombie himself, and the undead become human for a limited time.

I haven’t seen such a clever adaptation. Visually it makes the player feel entertained and involved in what is a fun game.

Not having a view over the whole terrain boosts your alertness. Thanks to this, your visual awareness and reaction speed are increased. These are qualities you use day-to-day and not only in games. Therefore, puzzle games are helpful for everyone. They can be a tool to improve our lives, and not just a distraction.
So why not try our survival interpretation of the all-time classic Pac-Man?


Decision-making is what we as humans exercise daily. Thanks to this ability, we have managed to survive. Through thinking ahead, people have created complex systems that lead to society as we perceive it today. But in fact, brain training has been used to invent such ideas. Consider the games in this article as modern day brain workout.

So, why not try and see the effect for yourself. Your intelligence is bound to improve once you start playing. It is a brain exercise and a great way to let off some steam simultaneously.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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