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Why We Love Solving Puzzles

Jeff Franklin

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Everyone has had a moment where a sudden solution induces that “Aha!” moment. Turns out it’s not only verbally, but there is also something going inside our brain when we undertake a task and bring it to an end. How can puzzle games affect our behavior, and why are they beneficial for us? Can you unleash your better self and overcome your bad habits by playing puzzle games?

Turns out it’s possible. Puzzle games can be entertainment for some, but their subconscious impact plays an important part in the lives of those who like solving puzzles. In this article, we’ll be covering what is the reason for people’s love for puzzles. There is an element in all riddles that resonates with our need to solve tasks. This is the part of life that makes us try harder and use our brains for solving more complex tasks.

The simple truth

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Puzzles engage us in an activity that is distant from our everyday problems. It is a platform in which we can exercise our brain functions and focus on the given task. It is here that we can be mindful and stay in the present. This is how we connect and deepen ourselves into the experience by clearing our minds of distractions.

Modern life can be too fast and overwhelming at times, which is why slowing down and finding peace in the moment can be very soothing and comforting. It also acts as a “battery recharge” of the brain, so we can refresh and continue to take on the world again.

When you are completing a puzzle, your mind is fully immersed in the experience. By focusing on the details of the pieces, the colors, and the shapes, you become absorbed. This allows you to feel a sense of peace and gratitude, which peaks when you complete a puzzle.

All kinds of benefits

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A common strategy people use when solving a big puzzle is to remember how all the different pieces fit. This task directly boosts the memory function of the brain. Puzzles enhance people’s ability to focus for a long time, which is a huge profit in all walks of life.

Solving puzzles also helps individuals exercise more thought on general life issues in a different approach. People who attend to puzzles tend to think outside the box, allowing their minds to operate efficiently in different ways.

Puzzles are also known to make you happy. The activity of solving a task is sure to lift your spirits in more than one way. To find a solution to a puzzle, your mind divides tasks into sub-goals, which are achieved in the process.

Finishing a puzzle also brings admiration and recognition from having done something difficult by yourself. People who do puzzles can be proud of themselves in a healthy way. Unhealthy examples of pride can be through arrogance and envy.

An easy way to enjoy puzzles


Playordown is all about brain games, which can develop your analytical thinking. Nowadays, the ability to change perspective and adapt is a key factor. Our site features puzzle games that can help you expand your core brain skills. From Sudoku to Tetris, they all provide a healthy training for the mind.

Sudoku, for example, is a game that enhances logic and several cognitive abilities altogether. Concentration and focus are also influenced by a regular game of Sudoku, and they can be advanced with different difficulty levels. Studies have also shown that the numbers game can prevent or ease depression.

Tetris is another game in which the mind is nourished to grow. If played regularly, the game can have visible changes in a person. Thanks to the spatial intelligence that it develops, you can start making practical decisions in your everyday life. Playing the popular puzzle game motivates problem-solving and organization.

There are a ton of brain games to choose from, including Solitaire, Tic Tac Toe, Mahjong, and Bubble Shooter. Find out which works best for you and is most entertaining, so you can get the best of both worlds – skills and joy.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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