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Classic Spider Solitaire is the most traditional and one of the most challenging versions available online. The web game is made with difficulty in mind, and its concept is being as close to possible as the original game, played on a classic gameboard with simplistic and realistic cards.
This is also easily reflected in the rules, as there are no shortcuts, bonus points, or helpful mechanics.

Classic Spider Solitaire Starting Cards

The only goal is to clear the Tableaus by building descending columns of cards of the same suit. This game is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to face a real challenge, regardless of the chosen difficulty, and is very similar to the experience of playing the real thing.

Classic Spider Solitaire Move by Dragging

The game is slow-paced, as it has none of the modern mechanics that allow you to play fast – like moving cards by clicking. The only way to move cards is by dragging them to the column you want to place them in. With this in mind, you can’t probe if there are any available spaces to make plays by clicking, and you have to be completely aware of the board and which cards are available or will be available after you make a play.

Classic Spider Solitaire Move Limit

The game has a limitation in terms of how many moves you can make. Similar to most Spider Solitaire games, in Classic Spider Solitaire you start with 500 points as a score, and every move costs 1 point to make. What makes this game different is that you don’t receive any additional points to your total score when you complete a column. The points for completing columns are only added to your final score. This means that you can only make 500 plays in total. All of this adds up to quite the challenge.

Do you want to be fully prepared for Classic Spider Solitaire? Our main game page for Spider Solitaire features some great tips and tricks that can help you become a real pro!


Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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