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Fairway Solitaire is a modern version of the classic Solitaire game – Golf. The game features the same ruleset as Golf Solitaire but with a very slick and futuristic design for the gameboard and the cards. There’s also some awesome quality of life changes added.

As with Golf Solitaire, the game is played with a Tableau of 35 cards and a 17 card Draw pile. The goal is to clear out the Tableau of all cards. The fewer cards from the Draw pile used, the more points you earn for each round you’ve won.

Fairway Solitaire game board

To clear the board, you need to move cards to your Foundation. You can do so by adding a card that is one number higher or lower than the topmost card from your Foundation.

Modern Gameplay

Fairway Solitaire features some very modern changes to make the game much more convenient and engaging. Firstly, there’s an Undo button added which you can use to rewind your last move.
Additionally, the most eye-grabbing mechanic is the way the game rounds work. Fairway features arcade-style gameplay – when you win a round, you immediately start the next round with your points piling up. The more rounds you win, the more points you get.

Fairway Solitaire features

The game encourages you to keep playing and improving, as you can get a higher score if you last longer. This is great because Golf Solitaire is a very strategy-influenced game, and very little is left to the luck of the draw.

The contemporary design and the useful features make Fairway a great game to play as it feels like you’re playing a very modern game, and not good old Golf Solitaire.

Are you interested in getting better at Golf Solitaire? Our dedicated game page for Golf Solitaire features detailed information about the game, as well as clever tips and tricks you can use to become a real pro!


Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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