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Are you a fan of Solitaire games but prefer a more laid-back playstyle? Not interested in beating the timer or going for the high score? FreeCellBlue is the game you’re looking for. Most FreeCell games feature a high score you’re aiming for, a timer that you need to beat or have a limit to how much you can rewind your moves. Well, FreeCell Blue doesn’t have any of those; it’s FreeCell for the sake of enjoying FreeCell!

FreeCell Blue game board

As with other FreeCell games, your goal is to build up the 4 HomeCells with cards in the appropriate suit in ascending order. The game helps out with this and will automatically add cards to the HomeCells if they’re next in line and available.

Just lay back and enjoy the game

FreeCell Blue features a clean, modern design. The cards are easily recognizable but have been updated to reflect the modernity of the game, and the gameboard has a very soothing blue layout. In general, the game has been made to be a relaxing experience to kill time and not a hardcore grind to prove you’re the best FreeCell player.

FreeCell Blue Undo as much as you want

A useful feature is that the game allows you to click the cards to move them to an available cell or column with the priority for moving cards via click being HomeCells>Columns>FreeCells.

FreeCell Blue click on card to move it

There is also a timer and a move counter, but both are there only for cosmetic purposes and won’t affect your final score. It’s only up to you if you want to try and get a better time the next time you play FreeCell Blue.

Do you want to learn more about FreeCell Solitaire? We have a detailed main game page for it, where you can find a full breakdown of the game’s rules, as well as some great tips and tricks!


Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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