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Halloween Tetris is inspired by the spooky holiday while still staying true to the original game. The graphics in the background and the block visuals all have some type of Halloween-inspired design. At the same time, your goal is to keep clearing horizontal lines, progress through the game, and earn points.

This iteration of Tetris is quite a bit more simplified mechanics and controls wise. It’s aimed more towards users who want to have a quick and enjoyable game of Tetris and not as much at the experienced pros.

Minimalistic Controls

Compared to most other Tetris games, Halloween Tetris is way more simplistic in its controls. There are no buttons to rotate the cubes in both directions, nor is there a mechanic to save puzzle pieces for later.

Halloween Tetris How to Play

You can use the mouse cursor to move the blocks, but keep in mind, that’s not the most effective way to play. The most effective way is using the arrow keys. Whenever playing with the arrow keys, you use the left and right ones to move the blocks from left to right, the up arrow key to flip blocks, and the down arrow key to make them fall faster.

For every successfully placed block and every cleared line, you gain points. The end goal of Tetris Halloween is to attain a high score. As you clear more lines, you will progress through the levels.

Halloween Tetris Gameplay

As you reach higher levels, the game will become more challenging. The blocks start falling at a much faster rate, so you get less time to plan where to place them. You also receive more points for completing lines at higher levels, which is a mechanic that rewards better players.

Halloween Tetris will also show you what your next block is, which can be helpful. You can also track your score below the game screen.

Are you a fan of Tetris games? If so, you should check out or main game page for Tetris. On there, you can find a handful of helpful tips and tricks to help you become a better player.


Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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