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Do you think you’re the king of FreeCell Solitaire and can win any deal? If all other FreeCell games are just too easy for you, then you can try out King of FreeCell! This browser game strips away all the modern updates and improvements that most online FreeCell games have to make the game easier.

Important notice: This game is not supported in Mac and iOS devices, so if you are using one of those devices then we recommend you to visit our classic freecell online game page.

King of FreeCell game board

In King of FreeCell, you play the game the same way you would in real life – you move the cards by dragging, there are no suggestions, and on top of all that, you have a limited amount of moves.

Prove you’re the king

King of FreeCell features a very simplified design for both the cards and the background. Your Freecells are on the left of your Tableau, and your Homecells are on the right. The game doesn’t feature a timer, but you have a limited amount of moves: you start with a score of 500, and every move you make takes away 1 point from that score. If you reach 0, you lose. The goal is to complete the 4 Homecells with the highest score possible.

King of FreeCell losing points

King of FreeCell doesn’t let you reverse your moves. If you make a mistake or you’re not happy with your move, your only option is to keep playing. Planning every move is crucial; this game is a real challenge for any experienced FreeCell player.

King of FreeCell dragging cards

Another element that makes King of FreeCell more difficult is that you can’t move cards by clicking. You can only move them by dragging them, including adding them to your HomeCells. This is done so that you can’t try to click cards to check if there’s a move available. Are you up for the challenge?

Do you want to learn all the tricks FreeCell pros use? Our main game page for FreeCell Solitaire features a handful of great tips and tricks that will turn you into the real king of FreeCell!


Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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