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Spider Solitaire is one the most challenging solitaire games, especially when it comes down to play on 4 suits or even 2 suits. There is very little room for making mistakes, and the game will punish you heavily if you don’t think ahead. But if a game is too punishing, it might end up being frustrating.

This is what makes Spider Solitaire Blue such a good choice for an entertaining version of Spider Solitaire. The game has the perfect balance between challenging and forgiving.

Spider Solitaire Blue Opening Cards

The convenient

Although the game has a really fun animated design, that’s not what makes it relaxing and forgiving. This version of Spider Solitaire features an unlimited Undo button that you can use to rewind moves as much as you want to.

Spider Solitaire Blue How you can Undo

As fun as Spider Solitaire is, you don’t want to make the game so punishing that your players will get tired of it. And this is what Spider Solitaire Blue does so well. You can’t abuse this though, as every time you use this mechanic, you lose a point, as this counts as a move.

The challenging

Spider Solitaire is a very challenging game by itself. It requires quite a bit of strategy, situational awareness, and quick analysis. If you decide to play 2 Suits or 4 Suits, the game quickly becomes quite the challenge – even for the most experienced players.

Spider Solitaire Blue How to get High Score

In Spider Solitaire Blue the extra bit of challenge is aiming for a high score. The game features a timer and a high score, based on how many moves you’ve made during the game. The fewer moves you win in, the higher your final score is! The real challenge is trying to beat yourself every time.

And do you want to improve at Spider Solitaire? Our site features a detailed game page about Spider Solitaire, where you’ll find a breakdown of all the rules and some great tips and tricks!


Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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