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Spider Solitaire Classic is a browser-based Spider Solitaire game. The game is played with the classic rules, and the main goal is to build up the 8 Foundations with cards from the same suit in descending columns.

When starting the game, you have the choice of 3 difficulties – Easy (1 Suit), Medium (2 Suits), and Hard (4 Suits). In this version of Spider Solitaire, you play on a classic-looking wooden board, and the cards are easy to distinguish from one another.

Spider Solitaire Classic Opening Cards

You get rewarded for being skillful

What distinguishes Spider Solitaire Classic is the Time Bonus system, which rewards players who are good at the game. How you may ask? Let’s look over the game in general.
As with most Spider Solitaire games, you start with a score of 500. You lose 1 point every time you make a move, and you gain points every time you finish a column. The score you have when you clear all the Tableaus is your final score. But there’s more.

Spider Solitaire Classic Bonus Points System

In this version, you also have a bonus system, which rewards you with a higher amount of points the faster you finish the game. So how are the bonus points added? You start with a bonus points score of 750. Once you move your first card, you start losing 1 point per second. After playing for 10 seconds you’ll be at 740 points, after 20 seconds at 730, and so on.
What’s awesome is that even if the bonus points timer ends, you don’t lose the game! You just don’t get any bonus points.

Spider Solitaire Classic Points for Column

Basically, you get rewarded for being a pro and clearing the board fast. If you’re still learning, you won’t lose the game if you take too long, you just won’t get a points bonus! Because of this, you can learn the game at your own pace while still being motivated to get better!

Speaking of better, do you want to learn some of the tricks that the pros use? Our main game page for Spider Solitaire features some great tips that will help you become a master at Spider Solitaire!


Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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