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Supreme Bubbles is a relaxing and slow-paced game in which your only objective is to get a high score. The game has an engaging design with easily distinguishable bubbles. You can also use clever tricks with your shots, with which you can clear larger clusters of bubbles.

The main challenge in the game is the lines of bubbles slowly moving towards you. Clearing the bubbles is vital, or else they reach you, and you lose. The game also shows you the line where if the bubbles get to, it’s game over.

How to Play

Your goal in Supreme Bubbles is to clear bubbles. To do so, you must shoot and create a cluster of at least three of the same color. You receive a bigger points modifier for clearing groups of more bubbles. Prioritizing them will help you reach a higher score faster.

Supreme Bubbles Game Game over Line

The game’s main mechanic that pressures you are the lines getting added. Every six shots that you make, an extra line is added to the top of the gameboard. These lines get added regardless if you remove bubbles with your shots or not.

If even one bubble passes the line that’s marked with a rope right above your shooting station, you lose the game. The game does help you out with these situations. If you destroy a large enough cluster of bubbles right next to the line, sometimes all bubbles of that color on the gameboard get destroyed.

Helpful tricks

Supreme Bubbles Game Removing large Clusters

Knowing some of the tricks for Bubble Shooter will also be helpful with getting a higher score. One of the tricks is bouncing your ball off of the wall to reach higher clusters of bubbles. Knowing this, you can also plan to remove the higher bubbles that support lower ones.

Do you want to know more of the strategies that the pros at the game use? Our main game page for Bubble Shooter features all of the best tips and tricks to help you out!


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Actualizado por última vez por Jeff Franklin

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