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Play Sweet Bubble Fruitz Online, Mai 2024.

Jeff Franklin

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Sweet Bubble Fruitz is an adventure game with a series of levels that you progress through. You clear the gameboard to complete a level, and you receive a score based on your performance. The score depends on a few factors, including ammo left at the end and the number of clusters cleared.

Sweet Bubble Fruitz Arrangement

The game also has power-ups that you can buy and use at will. You acquire them with the in-game currency that you earn for clearing levels. There are 30 levels in total that you have to clear to beat the game.

How to Play

In Sweet Bubble Fruitz, there are 30 unique arrangements that you clear to beat the game. Each one has a different winning strategy. You have a limited amount of ammo for every level, and if you run out, you lose.

Sweet Bubble Fruitz Levels

You can track your ammo with the counter below your shooting platform. You can also swap your balls around by clicking on it. If you click it, you will receive the color that’s next in line, but you will also consume one charge ammo. This mechanic can be helpful, but only when used strategically.

In the game, you can only shoot yellow, blue, green, and red bubbles. There are purple bubbles on the gameboard, but they can only be cleared with chain-shots.

Unique power-up system

At the end of every level, you get rated. The rating is made up of how much ammo you have left and how quickly you cleared the board. Based on that score, you’ll also receive in-game currency in the form of diamonds. These diamonds are used to buy charges of the four power-ups.

Sweet Bubble Fruitz Powerups

The four types of power-ups you can use are:

+5 Ammo which adds five shots for this level;
An aim that will show you exactly how your shot will bounce off the wall. It’s applied for the whole level;
A bomb that will detonate a small area;
Multicolored ammo that will count as any bubble that you hit.

Each power-up is helpful in its own way. Your strategy will make them useful or not.

If you want to learn more about the game, check out our main game page for Bubble Shooter! There you can find some helpful tips and tricks.


Dernière mise à jour par Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Dernière mise à jour par Jeff Franklin

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