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Animals Mahjong is a timer-based Mahjong game where you have to match identical tiles in the form of animals. The game uses a series of levels in which it tests your problem-solving skills. The levels increase in difficulty as you progress. Not only do the tile arrangements increase in volume, but you also have shorter and shorter time limits.

Animals Mahjong Tiles

The tile designs used are of different types of animals, which makes the game great for the family! The designs include domestic animals like dogs and cats and wild animals such as lions and crocodiles.

A test of your analytical skills

Animals Mahjong gets more challenging as you progress. The game uses unique tile arrangements for every level that are not used in traditional Mahjong. You have to adapt quickly for every level you beat, as the timer will also decrease as you push forward. Towards the end of the game, you will have as little as 90 seconds to complete a tile arrangement – beating the timer is necessary to beat all 15 levels.

Animals Mahjong Levels

Matching the tiles isn’t as simple as in classic Mahjong either. In animals Mahjong, you can only match tiles that have two of their adjacent sides open. If a tile can only be moved to its left to right, but not upwards or downwards, you can’t play it. What this results in is only corner tiles being available for plays. A pro tip for beating the levels is to pay attention to the corners of the tile arrangements.

Animals Mahjong Timer

If you end up struggling, you can use the Hint function to find matches. Using it will reduce your bonus points at the end of each level, so you should be pragmatic with the button. You receive a high score for every completed level, with bonuses being given for no Hints used, as well as finishing a level quickly.

Do you want to get better at Mahjong? Our main game page for it has some of the best tips and tricks for beating the game!


Ultimo aggiornamento da Jeff Franklin

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Ultimo aggiornamento da Jeff Franklin

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