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Bubble Shooter Egypt offers you 36 unique levels to play through. Each one has an arrangement that requires a different approach. Each one also has a very short timer that you need to beat. These mechanics make the game very suitable for testing your decision-making and strategic thinking.

Bubble Shooter Egypt 36 levels

The game uses an Egyptian-themed design. Your shooting platform and all the bubbles use visuals inspired by Ancient Egypt. They’re easy to distinguish, which helps with making quick decisions. Being able to clear bubbles with just a glance is very helpful in maximizing your performance.

How to Play

Your goal in each level is to clear the gameboard of all bubbles. You destroy the bubbles by hitting two or more identical bubbles with a shot of the same color. Making your shots count is essential as you need to clear every single bubble, including the ones you accidentally added to the board. With this in mind, if you accidentally miss your target and add a bubble, that will increase the time required to clear the gameboard.

Bubble Shooter Egypt Designs

All of the levels have unique arrangements. You won’t face the same type of gameboard twice in any of the 36 levels. Because of this, you need to come up with new strategies consistently to solve the increasingly more complex levels.

Your score measures your performance

You receive points for clearing the bubbles and the amount of time you have left at the end of a level. The lesser amount of points comes from the bubbles you clear. Each cleared cluster gives you points, with the larger ones giving a bigger points multiplier.

Bubble Shooter Egypt Timer

The bonus points come from the amount of time you have left. There are 120 seconds in which you can clear every level. The more time you have left when you clear it, the more bonus points you receive to your score. You can go back and replay a level at any time if you want to get a higher score.

There are a lot of tricks that you can learn to get better at the game. If you want to learn more, check out our main game page for Bubble Shooter!


Ultimo aggiornamento da Jeff Franklin

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Ultimo aggiornamento da Jeff Franklin

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