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Frozen Bubble is a challenging arcade game in which your aim is to clear the bubbles. The game gets progressively more complex and limits the time in which you can clear it. The arrangements for the bubbles will vary while you play. You will need to come up with a new strategy on the spot in every level.

Frozen Bubble Arrangement

You also can’t start from any level that you want. When starting a new game, you always start from level 1, similar to classic arcade games. The game requires top analytical skills and strategic thinking on the spot, especially once you start getting pushed for time.

How to Play

In Frozen Bubble, the game pushes you to finish the levels faster as you progress. Your goal is to remove all bubbles from the board. You do so by shooting at clusters of bubbles with an identical color shot.
Making shots in the game is a challenge in itself. The room for error is very narrow. The game has a line that shows exactly where your aim will take your shot, but if your precision is off even by a millimeter, the shot will end up hitting another bubble. A helpful mechanic is that you can always see what color your next shot is.

Frozen Bubble Next Shot

The game also pressures you with the time in which you can clear the arrangements. The bubbles move a line down every few moves. The higher the level you’re at, the more often the bubbles will move a line down. The game also makes shots for you if you take too long between each one.

Frozen Bubble Descending Lines

Bubble Shot does have a convenient mechanic regarding replaying levels. If you lose a level, you don’t need to restart from level 1 and instead can replay the one you didn’t manage to clear.

Using every trick to your advantage is necessary to beat Frozen Bubble. If you want to learn all the tricks, you can check out our main game page for Bubble Shooter, where we’ve featured them!


Ultimo aggiornamento da Jeff Franklin

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Ultimo aggiornamento da Jeff Franklin

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