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Mahjong Sunset is an engaging Mahjong game in which you can test your Mahjong skills with a diverse range of board arrangements. The game uses the classic Mahjong tiles and rules and applies them to the varied puzzles that you have to complete.

Mahjong Sunset Tiles

Every board arrangement has a high score you can try to set – the score is set depending on how quickly you manage to complete the round. You’re rated on a 3-star basis, with 3 stars being the highest possible score you can achieve. The highest score is a challenge to earn, as you have to be quick and decisive in your Mahjong problem-solving abilities.

How to Play

Mahjong Sunset uses the traditional Mahjong rules. You can only move tiles that have their left or right side open. If not, they’re not available for play. To make things less complicated, the game will highlight the available tiles. Less complicated doesn’t mean easy, of course, as you still have to find the matching tiles within the board, and often that can be quite a predicament, especially if a lot of tiles are open for play.

Mahjong Sunset Free Shuffle

You can use the Hint and Shuffle buttons if you’re stuck, although you should be very careful with them – each use adds 6 seconds to your time. Additionally, the game will automatically give you hints if you’re taking more than 6 seconds to find a combination of matching tiles. If there are no matches left, you can use the Shuffle function without receiving a time penalty, making this a very fair experience.

Mahjong Sunset Levels

You will be rating will be based on your time – the slower the time in which you complete the level, the lower your final score. Each unique board arrangement has its own rating, and in total, there are 16 different levels. Mahjong Sunset offers a diverse challenge for any seasoned Mahjong player who wants to earn a 3-star rating for every arrangement.

If you’re looking to get better at Mahjong, our main game page for the game offers some fantastic tips and trips to elevate your game!


Ultimo aggiornamento da Jeff Franklin

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Ultimo aggiornamento da Jeff Franklin

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