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Bubble Farm Free to Play Online, July 2024.

Jeff Franklin

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Bubble Farm is an engaging adventure game in which you play as a farmer. The game uses graphics with farm animals on its bubbles. There are different animals for the different colored bubbles you need to clear. Your goal is to clear the board arrangements out of all animals by shooting at clusters.

Bubble Farm Levels

In total, there are 40 levels to play through. You start with only level 1 available and unlock each consecutive level by clearing the previous one. The game doesn’t have any scoring system, making it a relaxing choice that is great to play. There is a mechanic that does pressure you to clear the bubbles quickly, though.

The lines move down

Each of the 40 levels in Bubble Farm has a unique arrangement. The bubbles won’t be arranged in a similar way in any of the gameboards. Once you have cleared all of them, you win the level and move on.

Bubble Farm Animals

There is a mechanic that pressures you. Every five shots, the game adds an extra row of bubbles. Once you’ve reached the bubble limit for the level, the rows continue moving towards you with every five shots. If they manage to hit you, you lose and have to restart it.

There is a clever trick to avoid this. If you can clear the gameboard within five shots, you win the level without needing to remove all bubbles.

You can swap your shots

Bubble Farm shows you what type of animal your next shot will be. There is a button in the lower-right screen that you can press to swap between your current and next shots. This trick is practical for clearing specific rows.

Bubble Farm Swap Shots

There is no limit to how often you can swap, and you have no ammo limit either. You can use this mechanic to clear higher rows of bubbles or if you have a shot that is of no use to you currently.

There is a lot to learn about clever tricks in the game. If you want to read more, check out our main game page for Bubble Shooter!


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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