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Bubble Pop Free to Play, July 2024.

Jeff Franklin

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Bubble Pop features multiple levels with unique challenges that you need to solve. In some levels, you will need to clear a set number of bubbles. In others, your goal is to collect crystals.

Bubble Pop Levels

The game uses a relaxing, fruit-inspired design that makes it very easy to distinguish the different bubbles. They not only have a different color, but each one has a unique texture.

Your main goal for the game is to clear the series of levels. There are tens of puzzles you will need to solve. Your performance is rated for each one at the end of the level.

Three types of tasks

In Bubble Pop, you will solve three different types of gameboards. The first one is the classic Bubble Shooter game in which you need to clear the gameboard. In the second type, you’re given a set number of bubbles that you need to destroy. Once you reach that number, you win the level. The last type is the most distinct. In it, you have to collect crystals by freeing them from bubbles.

Bubble Pop Arrangement

As you move to the later levels, the tasks will get more challenging. You’ll have to clear more bubbles, collect more crystals, and the gameboards will grow in size.

Helpful mechanics to assist you

Bubble Pop Powerups

The game does have some helpful power-ups to clear the bubbles. There are bubbles that you can both shoot or hit on the gameboard, and they will assist you in different ways. They include:

A power-up that will clear a horizontal or vertical line of bubbles, depending on which one you used;
Bombs that detonate and destroy a small area around them;
Multicolored shots that count as any color when you fire them.

Using these power-ups is essential to winning, as the game will also put obstacles that will hamper your ability to clear the boards as easily.

Do you want to learn all the tricks that the pros use? Check out our main game page for Bubble Shooter! On there, we’ve featured explanations on all of the tips and strategies that you need to know.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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