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Free to Play Bubble Shooter 2021, May 2024.

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Bubble Shooter 2021 is a bubble shooter game with a series of levels that you clear. The goal in every level is to save all of the squirrels that are trapped. You play as a mother squirrel who is on a mission to rescue the babies.

Bubble Shooter 2021 Arrangement

The game has limited lives that recharge as time passes. There’s also a limited amount of currency you can use to buy powerups.

Your performance for every level gets rated on a 3-star basis. In total, there are 100 levels in which you have to save the baby squirrels. You complete the game by earning 3-stars in all of them.

100 unique arrangements

A distinct feature of Bubble Shooter 2021 is the level system. You progress through them by beating each one. With 100 levels in total, the game has lots of content for you to play. Every level is unique in its arrangement, and you need a different strategy every time to win.

Bubble Shooter 2021 levels

To make the game more challenging, you’re also given a rating for every level. Your performance is rated on a 3-star scale. The most significant factor in getting a high score is how many large clusters of bubbles you cleared. The bigger the cluster, the bigger the points modifier you get.

You also have limited ammo for every level, so destroy a large cluster of bubbles is encouraged.

Limited attempts

Another distinct feature in the game is the limited lives you have. Every time you have no ammo left without clearing a level, you lose. When you lose, you lose a life. If you run out of lives, you can’t play the game.

Bubble Shooter 2021 Lives

The game gives you a new life every 10-15 minutes. With this system in place, you need to be very clinical with the execution of your strategies and not rely on retrying a level too often.

Do you want to learn the strategies the pros use? Our main game page for Bubble Shooter features a detailed explanation of all the tricks needed to become an expert.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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