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Are you looking for a more relaxed version of Bubble Shooter that you can play for a while? Bubble Shooter DOGS is a very casual game with over 100 levels that you can play. The levels all offer a different challenge, so you won’t get bored from playing the same arrangement again and again.

Bubble Shooter DOGS Levels

As much as it’s a casual game, there’s also an incentive for you to perform well. Each level has a timer that you need to beat to get a higher score.

The game’s graphics are cartoonish and child-friendly, as all the bubbles are inspired by dog breeds!

Variety is Key

Bubble Shooter DOGS has 110 levels, and every level has a unique arrangement you need to clear to win the level. The arrangements get progressively more challenging as you play, with the first levels being easy and the later ones requiring a great plan and some luck!

Bubble Shooter DOGS Arrangements

The game is quite casual-friendly, as clearing all the bubbles from a level doesn’t take much time. Most of the levels have a timer with less than 60 seconds, so you can beat the entire game in one afternoon! It’s a great choice for a casual afternoon where you’re looking to kill some time.

Mind the Timer

The timer is essential in the game – it decides your final score. The game rates your performance for every level out of 3 stars, and the faster you clear the bubbles, the more stars you get.

If you fail to clear the bubbles within the given time – you lose the level. This mechanic ensures that you won’t spend too much time clearing a level, and you can play quickfire rounds back-to-back.

Bubble Shooter DOGS Score

You can keep track of your time by looking at the bottom-right of your screen where the timer is located.

If you’re interested in playing other Bubble Shooter games, check out our catalog of titles! We have tens of unique Bubble Shooter games for you to play!


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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