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Free to Play Bubble Shooter: Galaxy Defense, June 2024.

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Bubble Shooter: Galaxy Defense is an addicting adventure game in which your mission is to clear the space of the bubbles. The game has 100 levels to progress through, giving you a long and worthwhile challenge. As you move forward in the game, the levels get longer, forcing you to plan more precisely. You will need to clear an increasing number of bubbles every time to get through the game.

Bubble shooter levels

Your performance for each level will be rated and given a score. Chain-destroying bubbles will give you a score multiplier, encouraging you to play with skill and haste.

A growing challenge

You’re given a target of bubbles you need to destroy in every level in Bubble Shooter: Galaxy Defense. Once you reach that target, you win the level and get rated on a 3-star basis. Your score is higher if you clear more than 3 bubbles at the same time. Additionally, destroying bubbles with consecutive shots will give you a score multiplier. Depending on how many bubbles you clear, you receive double points or even triple points.

Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense Arrangement

If you’re not happy with your performance, you can go back to replay a level at any time without losing your progress.

Beware of the trap bubbles

As you progress through the levels, you will start seeing trap bubbles. These bubbles have a color, and if you destroy them, they will trigger a trap. One of the traps is adding an additional line of bubbles prematurely. Additional lines are added every few shots, but this bubble will instantly add a line.

Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense Traps

Another trap you will come across is the “triple shot.” When destroyed, this bubble will shoot your next two instantly. You won’t be able to aim or plan these shots, effectively wasting them.

Avoiding destroying these is a good strategy, and clearing the board around them will let you have full control of the game.

Bubble Shooter: Galaxy Defense challenges your decision-making and skills! Our main game page for Bubble Shooter features some great tips and tricks to help you clear the levels efficiently.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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