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Bubble Shooter Mania is the perfect game for people that love clearing different bubble arrangements. The game features a variety of levels, each one having the bubbles arranged in different ways.

Your performance gets a rating for every level, so you have an incentive to replay levels if you don’t get the highest score. You also can’t take too long to try and beat a level, as the bubbles will start moving towards you.

Bubble Shooter Mania Levels

The game also has some additional mechanics that are helpful for managing your shots better.

Make Sure You’re Fast as Possible

If you want to be a pro at Bubble Shooter Mania, you need to be able to beat levels as fast as possible. Whenever you finish a level, you get a score that’s based on how quickly you cleared all the bubbles – the less time you took, the more stars you get. The highest score for every level is three stars.

Bubble Shooter Mania Level Closing

If you take too long to beat a level, you receive the lowest possible rating, and the bubbles will move towards you every few shots. If the bubbles reach your shooting platform, you lose and have to restart the level.

Make Sure You Plan Your Shots (Quickly)

Bubble Shooter Mania has 37 levels in total, and each one has a different bubble arrangement. You need a different strategy for every level, but you also need to be quick to get a high score, so you can’t afford to take too long to plan your shots.

Bubble Shooter Mania Next Bubble

The game has a helpful mechanic that shows you what color of bubble your next shot will be. This can be the difference between getting a high score or losing the level, as you can make quick decisions about where you want to place every shot.

Remember that you can destroy bubbles by removing the ones above them that are connecting them to the arrangement.

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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