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Free to Play Bubble Shooter Tale, May 2024.

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Bubble Shooter Tale is an online free-to-play adventure bubble shooter game. In it, you progress through a series of eclectic levels. You will have to complete different tasks and face varying challenges, all in the space of over 100 levels.

Bubble Shooter Tale Arrangement

The game adds an extra challenge with its limited lives system, limited ammo, and progressively more complex gameboards that need to be cleared. There are power-ups that you can use to your advantage. You can only buy them with the in-game currency, which is limited. There are also power-up bubbles that you can hit during your playthrough.

100 unique levels to play

Bubble Shooter Tale is an adventure game and, as such, offers a variety of levels to play through. As you progress through the game, you will face newer and more complex challenges. The game will test your strategies and will put different obstacles for you to handle. In some levels, there will be octopuses holding the bubbles from falling. In others, there will be indestructible bubbles, and in some, the bubbles will be frozen.

Bubble Shooter Tale Tasks

Figuring out how to beat every level quickly is crucial. You have limited ammo that you can use, and if you run out of ammo without completing your task, you lose the level. Having limited lives means you can’t afford to lose too often.

Unique power-ups to help you

In Bubble Shooter Tale, there are special power-ups that you can buy with the in-game currency. You can increase your line of fire, get 3 multicolored shots, get a horizontal bomb, or get a circular bomb. Each one has a different cost, and you can buy a limited amount due to the currency being limited.

Bubble Shooter Tale Power-up

There are also special power-up bubbles that you can hit to trigger. Some destroy all bubbles of a specific color, while others detonate a bomb or clear a horizontal line.

Lastly, you have a special chargeable power-up. You charge it by destroying bubbles, and every time you use it, it destroys a small area, regardless of the colors.

An additional advantage you can gain is using the classic Bubble Shooter tricks. If you want to learn them, check out our main game page for Bubble Shooter!


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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