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Free to Play Bubble Shooter Valentines, July 2024.

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Bubble Shooter Valentines is a love-themed game in which the bubbles consistently are moving towards you. The game uses different-colored hearts rather than bubbles. Your aim is to keep clearing the bubbles and make sure they don’t reach you.

You receive points for clearing the clusters of hearts. To win a level, you need to destroy all of the gift-wrapped hearts. Once you do that, you win, regardless of if all bubbles have been removed.

Bubble Shooter Valentines Timer

There are power-up bubbles that you can hit to ease the effort of clearing the entire gameboard. If you fail to stop the hearts from reaching you, you lose the level and must restart.

A variety to play through

In Bubble Shooter Valentines, there are 48 levels in total, each one with a unique Valentine-themed arrangement. Beating these levels requires effort and strategy. The hearts will come in differing arrangements. You will have to execute shots that take a significant amount of skill.

Bubble Shooter Valentines Level

The game is a challenge to win. Planning your shots so that you hit the right bubbles every time is essential. Clearing large clusters gives you a higher score and stops the bubbles from reaching you.

You also have to deal with a time limit. Every level has a timer that you need to clear the bubbles within. Any time you have leftover will increase your score at the end of a level.

Use the power-ups to your advantage

There are a couple of helpful power-up bubbles that you can hit to trigger.

Bubble Shooter Valentines Power-ups

The rose-shaped bubble will function as a bomb that detonates a small area around it. You can use it to create openings for shots.

The heart-shaped bubble with arrows will clear its entire row. It looks similar to the gift-wrapped bubbles that you need to destroy, so keep your eyes open.

There also is a clock power-up that adds bonus seconds to your time limit.

If you’re struggling with the game, there are lots of suggestions you can use to win! Our main game page for Bubble Shooter features some fantastic tips and tricks.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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