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Play Bubble World Online, June 2024.

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Bubble World is a modern, web-based adventure game. In the game, you progress through a series of levels, where you unlock the next one by beating the latest available. The game has three different game mode types that you might face. Additionally, there are special bubbles and shots that you can use. Bubble World introduces and makes these power-up shots not only beneficial but necessary.

Bubble World Arrangement

The game rates you for every level you manage to beat. The scoring system will rate your performance on a 3-star basis. 3 stars mean you aced the level, while 1 star means you barely scraped by.

Diverse game modes

In Bubble World, you will play 3 different game modes in total. In the first one, your quest is to clear the board of all bubbles. The second one tasks you with clearing a set number of bubbles. The third one is the most innovative – your quest is to collect several gems. Once you manage to accomplish your objective, you win the level and get rated.

Bubble World Game Modes

There are a few factors that form your rating. One of them is how many bubbles you cleared while playing. Another is how many shots you have left at the end of the level. You are rewarded for planning and chain-clearing bubbles.

Unique power-ups to help you out

There are multiple unique power-ups and shots that you use throughout your adventure:

A multicolored shot you can use to clear any color;
A bomb that you either get as a shot or will be in the arrangement. Once the bomb is triggered, it clears a small radius;
Special line bubbles. Depending on the bubble, you either clear a horizontal line or a vertical one.
A bonus points bubble.
The game also shows you what your next shot will be. You can switch between your current and the next one by clicking on the button right below where they are shown.

Bubble World Power-ups

You can see your score at the top of the screen, above the gameboard. On the lower right corner of the screen, you can see how many of the objectives you have completed.

Bubble World is engaging and quite fun. If you’re interested in learning some helpful tricks for it, check out our main game page for Bubble Shooter!


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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