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Easter Mahjong Connection is an arcade-style Connect game where the levels get progressively harder as you reach the later ones. The game uses the classic rules for connecting tiles, but it challenges you via a time limit that gets shorter with each consecutive level.

Easter Mahjong Connection How to Match

The design is inspired by Easter, as this is a holiday game – you’ll be connecting Easter bunnies, eggs, baskets, and other similar tiles.

Although it’s an Easter game, the gameplay is punishing, and if you fail to beat a level, you have to start over from the first level.

Connecting the Tiles as Fast as Possible

To remove tiles from the board, you need to be able to connect them. You can only connect tiles that can have a line drawn between them, and the line can’t make more than two turns.

Easter Mahjong Connection Timer

Although it’s not that hard to remove tiles in Easter Mahjong Connection, you need to deal with a time limit that gets progressively shorter with every consecutive level. Once you reach level ten and higher, you’re going to have very little time to match the tiles. The key to winning is to be able to spot matching tiles and connect them quickly.

When in Doubt, Shuffle or Hint

Easter Mahjong Connection is a game that gets very challenging in the later levels, but there are a couple of tools that can help you once you start struggling – the “Hint” and “Shuffle” buttons.

Easter Mahjong Connection Tools

You have limited uses for both, with there being five uses per tool per level. The charges get refreshed every level, so you don’t need to worry about not using them. Once you reach the levels with a short time limit, you will need to use both of these tools as much as possible unless you want to lose and start over.

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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