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Are you looking for the Sudoku game with the most game modes and the most features? Sudoku Easy is the solution that every Sudoku player didn’t know they needed!

The game features five difficulties that are suitable for players of all levels, a rewarding achievement system that motivates you to play, and in-game mechanics that help you customize your game and deal with challenging grids.

Sudoku Easy Achievements

The game features simplistic graphics that can’t confuse anyone, and you are free to change the board to your preferences.

There are also statistics for every game mode that you can use to track your performance over time.

Finding Your Level

One of the best things about Sudoku Easy is that it’s a game that helps you find your level of play. The game features five game modes – Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, and Insane. Each of these modes provides you with a different challenge; the more experienced players will find that they prefer playing the more challenging game modes, for instance.

Sudoku Easy Game Modes

The game also has a Challenge of the Day mode. There’s a new challenge every day, and you earn achievements for coming back and beating the Challenge boards. This feature promotes players coming back and playing every day.

Unique Features

Sudoku Easy also has some unique features that you can use whenever playing.

If you ever get stuck, the game has a magic wand tool that you can use. This wand will reveal the solution for a single block in your grid – you only have a few uses of these daily.

Sudoku Easy In-Game Features

You can also customize your gameboard. There’s an icon that allows you to change the colors of the grids. Changing the colors isn’t a purely cosmetic decision, as you might find it easier to complete grids if you can easily recognize how each number affects the board.

The more challenging game modes in Sudoku Easy require a high skill level that few players possess. If you want to become one of the best players, check out our main game page for Sudoku, where you can find all the tips and tricks the pros use.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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