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Mahjong Big is a fun, classic Mahjong game that features thousands of levels for you to complete. The game has an adventure-style progression system with which you can unlock the latter stages. Each stage contains hundreds of levels, and the game gets more challenging as you progress.

Your performance also gets rated via a star-based system. If you manage to get a 3-star high score for every level, you get bonus currency. The currency can be used to unlock the later stages. There’s also a Daily Challenge that gives you a big currency reward every day you complete it.

You can also customize your level design, and the game features some great helpful tools for whenever you get stuck.

Play the Levels Your Own Way

Mahjong Big uses the same ruleset as classic Mahjong – you need to match two identical tiles to remove them from the board. You can only select the topmost tiles that have no other tiles to their left or right. The game makes it easy to see which tiles are available by highlighting them. Every level has a unique board arrangement, so you will always have to think of a new strategy.

Mahjong Big Customization

The game also features some fantastic customization options – you can change the background of every level and the tiles’ design.

A Challenge That Gets Rewarded

Every time you complete a level in Mahjong Big, you earn star points. You can also earn stars by completing in-game achievements. You need to collect a specific number of these points to unlock later stages.

You will have to complete increasingly challenging board arrangements as you progress through the game. You also need to beat a level within a specific time limit to earn three stars.

Mahjong Big Tools

The game has two helpful features that you can use if you start struggling to figure out how to clear boards – a “Hint” button and an “Undo” button. Undo will cancel the last move you made, and the Hint button will show you a random tile match on the board. These mechanics are your best friends in the latter stages.

If you want to become a pro at Mahjong, check out our main game page for it; on there, you’ll find some great tips and tricks!


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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