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Mahjong Chains is a modern connect game with interesting mechanics and dynamic gameplay. The goal of the game is to connect the identical tiles, with there being limitations on how you can match them.

Mahjong Chains Levels

The game has two modes – one has an increasingly challenging level system, and one is more relaxed. There are also helpful features that you can use if you get stuck, with them having limited charges in the competitive mode.

The game also features some additional challenges, including a time limit, more tiles, and more.

Expedience is Key

Mahjong Chains has two game modes – a Relaxed game mode that has no additional challenges and a Normal game mode. In Normal, the game features a time limit, a limited number of tools, and 5 levels that increase in difficulty.

Mahjong Chains Time Limit

The time limit is your first major challenge; there’s a bar to the left of the Mahjong board that shows how much time you have left. The second that bar empties, you lose the game. Clearing the board within the time limit gets harder as you progress through the levels.

Additionally, more types of tiles get added to the board as you progress through the levels – the higher the level, the harder it is to find matches.

Unique Mechanics

You can only connect tiles if you can draw a line between them, and the line must not make more than two turns. Additionally, the game has a unique feature – the way the tiles move. Depending on what level you’re on, the tiles will move either up, down, left, or right whenever you make a match. This makes it impossible to use the same strategy at every level.

Mahjong Chains Tools

Mahjong Chains also has some unique tools that other Connect games don’t have – a “Bomb,” a “Shuffle,” and a “Hint.” Hints and Shuffles do what you would expect, but the Bomb is a unique tool. Whenever you use it, it will randomly destroy a number of tiles across the board.

Keep in mind that all these tools have limited charges.

Mahjong is a beloved classic game that requires a lot of skill. If you want to get better at it quickly, check out our main game page for Mahjong; it features a variety of helpful tips and tricks.


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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