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Mahjong Classic Famobi Play Online, June 2024.

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In Mahjong Classic Famobi, you can test your skills at the game in 300 different level setups, as well as two different game modes. All of the classic Mahjong rules apply, and you remove tiles from the boards by matching two identical ones.

Mahjong Famobi Gameboard

The game also features bonus mechanics that you can use if you get stuck while trying to solve the board. These features have limited uses. There are also tons of personalization options that allow you to change the card backs, the gameboard design, the music, and whether available pieces are highlighted.

Two Game Modes

A distinctive feature of Mahjong Famobi is the two game modes. In total, the game has 300 different tile arrangements for you to solve, and each arrangement is available in both.

Majhong Famobi Game Modes

The first game mode is the competitive one. In competitive mode, you have a time limit in which you need to solve the level. Your performance will get graded depending on how quickly you managed to clear the board.

The second game mode is the Zen one. There is no time limit in Zen mode, and your performance is not graded. The goal is to clear the board at your own pace.

Use the Bonus Features Wisely

Both Mahjong Famobi game modes have helpful features if you get stuck while playing. You have only 3 uses per level for these bonuses. The first one is a Hint system – whenever you press this button, the game will suggest you a duo of tiles to clear.

Mahjong Famobi Bonuses

The second feature is the one you should be careful with; the Shuffle button. You only get 3 shuffles per level. While clearing more complicated boards, you might end up with no identical tiles to match. If that happens, you need to use the shuffle button. If you end up with no charges of the Shuffle feature and no identical tiles, you lose the level and get no points.

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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