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Free to Play Mahjong Time Online, July 2024.

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If you’re a fan of Mahjong, then you might enjoy your time spent playing Mahjong Time. This iteration of the game features a variety of over 360 different tile setups that you can complete. Each arrangement comes with its own different challenges, and your performance is ranked based on how quickly you solved the puzzle.

Mahjong Time Gameboard

The game uses the traditional Mahjong tile matching rules, and there are some helpful mechanics if you get stuck.

The Largest Variety of Arrangements

A distinctive part of Mahjong Time is just how many tile arrangements you can solve. The game features 366 gameboards in total, each one unique in its design. Each level requires its own strategy for you to solve it quickly.

Mahjong Time Levels

To remove tiles from the board, you need to match them with identical pieces. They also need to have their left or right side open, and there must be other tiles covering them. Some levels will require you to clear specific titles in order to open up a big cluster of other ones.

If you end up with no available moves, the board will automatically get shuffled.

Use the BonusFeatures to Your Advantage

Mahjong Time can be quite challenging; some of its gameboard arrangements might require a lot of thinking which might hurt your final time. This is where the helpful mechanics come in handy.

Mahjong Time Help

If you feel like you’re stuck at some point, you can use the Hint button, and the game will suggest a tile match. There’s also a Shuffle mechanics – if you feel like there are barely any matches left on the board, you can use this button to increase the number of matches.

You have no limit to how much you can use these buttons, but keep in mind that they might slow down how quickly you clear the board.

Are you a fan of Mahjong games? If so, you can check out our main game for Mahjong to learn some awesome tips and tricks!


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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