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Bubble Shooter Colors is a classic web game where you play an infinite level that will challenge your decision-making, planning ability, and Bubble Shooter skill. The game has simple, animated graphics that make it easy to distinguish different bubbles and aim your shots.

Bubble Shooter Colors Game Board

When it comes to it being challenging, Colors punishes you for making shots that don’t destroy any clusters of bubbles. You need to make all your shots count, or else the bubbles will start falling toward your platform. You also don’t have any tools you can use to clear the board if you get in trouble, so you need to play perfectly.

Make All Your Shots Count

Bubble Shooter Colors doesn’t have any levels, so the game doesn’t challenge you with unique arrangements or special bubbles. It instead forces you to deal with the classic arrangement consistently coming closer toward you whenever you make poor-quality shots that don’t destroy any clusters.

Bubble Shooter Colors Bubbles Falling

The game features a small indicator in the lower-left part of the UI that shows how many unsuccessful shots you can make before a new line of bubbles appears. The indicator starts at five unsuccessful shots – then it goes to four after a line appears, then three, and so on.

The only way to avoid new lines appearing is by destroying clusters.

You Can Plan Your Shots

Since you need to destroy clusters consistently, you need to plan your shots before you shoot them. Bubble Shooter Colors has an indicator that shows you the color of your next bubble – the indicator is next to your shooting platform. You can use this to avoid making unsuccessful shots often.

Bubble Shooter Colors Next Shot

The goal of Colors is to survive for as long as possible, as it’s the best way to get a high score. Since there are no levels, success is measured by how many points you earn.

If you want to become at Bubble Shooter, check out our main page for the game, where you can read some of the tips and tricks all the pros use!


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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