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Bubble Shooter Saga is one of the most developed and engaging Bubble Shooter games available! It features an amazing adventure-style level system, where you choose your levels on an interactive and well-designed initial screen.

The levels get progressively harder as you play, and more mechanics get introduced, including different types of arrangements, new bubbles, and more. Each level has a different goal, so you don’t win all of them by simply clearing the bubbles.

Bubble Shooter Saga Goals

The game also features tools that you can use, but you have limited charges for each one and need to use the in-game currency to gain more charges for these tools.

Clearing Every Level

Bubble Shooter Saga features a ton of mechanics that make the game more diverse and engaging! You have a limited number of shots for every level, and you can always see the color of your next bubble.

The game features a unique “Goal” for every stage, which tells you what you need to do to win this section. On some levels, you need to clear the board. In others, you need to save animals. There are also levels with an interactive arrangement where you need to free a ghost.

Bubble Shooter Saga Next Color Bubble

Every level has a different arrangement from the previous one; you need to clear it before your shots run out. You also receive a score for every level – the more shots you have left at the end of a level, the more stars you get.

Using all the Unique Mechanics

There are some unique challenges in Bubble Shooter Saga – the cloud bubbles are an example. You can’t see their color initially, and you need to hit them to see what type of bubble you need to shoot at them. You can also get lucky and destroy them on your first try.

Bubble Shooter Saga Bonuses

The game also features four helpful tools that you can use, but they all have limited charges. There’s a Bomb tool that destroys a small area around it, a Multicolored shot that matches every bubble, a tool that shows you the trajectory of your bubbles, and a tool that gives you five extra shots.

If you run out of charges for these tools, you can use the in-game shop to buy more of them. The shop uses in-game coins that you earn from completing levels.

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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