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Solitaire 2048 is one of the most modern Solitaire games out there, with it having unique gameplay, customizable design, and special power-ups. The game uses math for the way that you play the cards.

The goal is to keep building up Foundations so that you earn higher scores, with your getting more points for removing higher-numbered cards. By creating columns with cards that are of one value lower, you can easily create chain reactions that give you huge points modifiers.

The game is much more similar to a contemporary card game, rather than any other type of classic Solitaire. You need to learn to plan your moves ahead of time in a different way than in other Solitaire games.

Solitaire 2048 Drop Pile

How to Build Foundations

Solitaire 2048 uses math to build the Foundations. The cards come in numbers that are twice as big as the previous number – the lowest number is 2, after that comes 4, after that comes 8, after that 16, etc. The highest number that you can reach is 2048. If you manage to reach that card, you automatically clear the Foundation and can start building it from scratch.

In this game, you have a Draw pile that allows you to play your topmost card and see what’s the next card. This allows you to plan your moves more effectively.

One of the best tips for winning at Solitaire 2048 is always adding cards of the same or lower value on top of your current topmost card. For instance, if your topmost card in one of the Foundations is 32, you should never add a card of a higher value than 32. If you add a higher value card, you block the top of your Foundation and have a smaller board to maneuver with.

Solitaire 2048 Powerups

Use the Power-Ups and Helpful Mechanics

Solitaire 2048 features a couple of power-ups that will help you whenever you’re stuck. One of them is a “Hammer” that you can use to remove the topmost card of a Foundation. The other is a “Shuffle” function that changes the cards in your Draw pile. Keep in mind that you have limited uses for both of these.

The game also has a Drop pile where you can throw away unwanted cards. You only have two slots in the Drop pile, and they refresh every time you reach a higher level.

Solitaire 2048 Special Cards

Solitaire 2048 also has special cards that you can draw – one of them is a “Chest” card. When you play this card and remove it from the board, you will be gifted one Power-up charge. The other special card is a “Wildcard.” This card counts as any number that you need, so you can place it on top of any card to build your Foundation.

This game is one of the most distinct modern Solitaire games. If you’re a fan of Solitaire in general, you can check out our catalog of card games – it features plenty of modern and classic free-to-play titles!


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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