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Solitaire Manga Girls is one of the most popular Klondike games out there. The game features cartoonish graphics, the classic Solitaire game modes, and an exciting reward for winning games.

The main goal in Manga Girls is to clear the Tableau of all cards and build up the four Foundations in ascending order – like in any other Klondike game. What makes this game the most popular out there is that you get a reward for winning. The game features different female avatars dressed in attractive clothing that you can progressively reveal as you build the Foundations. Every time you complete a game and reveal an avatar, you unlock the next one.

Solitaire Manga Girls Winning Game

The game also features customization options for its visuals.

Play to Win

Solitaire Manga Girls is a fairly simple game as it features the classic rules of Klondike. Depending on how experienced you are, you can choose to play 1 Card or 3 Card. Every time you add a card to the Foundations, you reveal more of the attractive manga girl that you’re trying to earn.
Once you complete the Foundations, you beat the level and can move on to the next Manga Girl avatar.

Solitaire Manga Girls Mechanics

The game also features a “Hint” button that you can use if you get stuck, and you can also “Undo” your moves if you make a mistake.

Customize the Game’s Design

Another modern feature that Manga Girls offers is the ability to customize your game. You can’t change the female avatars, but you can change basically everything else about the game! The game allows you to choose your cards’ fronts, your cards’ backs, and the Tableau background. You can do so from the in-game menu that’s located right next to the “Hint” button.

Solitaire Manga Girls Card Designs

You also earn in-game points for every game you win.

What makes Solitaire Manga Girls so popular is that it rewards you for playing well and winning games. Instead of getting achievements, you get to unlock attractive female avatars for your eyes only!

If you’re struggling with unlocking the Manga Girls, you can check out our main game page for Klondike – it features helpful tips and tricks that you can use to beat the game!


Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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