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Super Bubble Shooter is a top-notch game to challenge your shooting skills, thanks to its eclectic levels, engaging features, and rewarding mechanics. The game has modern graphics that use a lot of colors and a slick background, and the UI is user-friendly.

It plays like an adventure game where you progress through a variety of levels, each one more challenging than the former. You are consistently introduced to new mechanics and challenges, thanks to which the game never gets stale.

Super Bubble Shooter Bubble Counter

The game scores your performance for every level, with you being able to receive up to 3-stars. Your score depends on how many shots you have at the end of a level.

Many Challenges Await You

Super Bubble Shooter features a lot of engaging mechanics that require you to adapt. The game consistently introduces new obstacles that you need to overcome. Some of these mechanics include spike bubbles that destroy your shots, clock bubbles that change colors, number bubbles that add or remove shots, and bubbles that change to black and can’t be destroyed directly.

Super Bubble Shooter Challenges

The game requires you to use clever planning and have good accuracy to remove clusters without losing all your shots. You need to do so with a limited number of shots, as you have a specific amount of ammo for each level.

Use the Helpful Features to Your Advantage

With there being so many challenges in Super Bubble Shooter, dealing with everything on your own can prove a handful. Luckily, the game has plenty of helpful tools you can use whenever you’re struggling.

Super Bubble Shooter Tools

These tools include a lighting shot that removes an entire row, a bomb that destroys all the bubbles in a small radius, a rainbow that makes your next shot multicolor, and a star that removes protected bubbles. These features have a limited number of charges, but you can collect more by destroying bubbles with their icons!

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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Last Updated by: Jeff Franklin

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