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Bubble Woods Online Free to Play, Julho 2024.

Jeff Franklin

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Bubble Woods is a free-to-play adventure game with multiple progression and reward systems. By playing the game, you earn experience with which you level up. When you level up, you earn a higher bonus % to your score. You can also buy more power-ups to use during your playthrough.

Bubble Woods Main Menu

Additionally to leveling up, you also earn in-game currency. The currency is used to buy charges of power-ups that you can use to improve your performance. There are multiple power-ups at different costs. Each one provides a unique benefit that you can apply a different strategy to.

A challenging environment

By default, the game plays as a bubble shooter game. You have 1 minute to play a level, and the bubbles will continuously come towards you. You earn points for clearing the bubbles with larger clusters giving you more points. Once the timer runs out, or if you let the bubbles reach you, the level ends.

Bubble Woods Game

The amount of experience and currency you receive is determined by your performance and score. The higher the score, the bigger the rewards. You also receive a bonus % to your score equal to your level. If you’re level 5, you receive 5% bonus points.

Rewards and achievements

Your performance will earn you in-game achievements. There are 20 achievements in total that you can obtain, with them being there to commemorate your performance.

Bubble Woods Powerups

You can also use your in-game currency to buy power-ups. Depending on your level, you unlock different power-ups. At the start, you can only buy a bonus time power-up. You unlock new ones at level 3, level 8, and level 20. With the in-game coins, you can purchase charges of these power-ups. Each game you play with them available will consume one charge of each one that you have.

You can track your experience, currency, and achievements on the top screen of the main menu.

Bubble Woods rewards you for replaying the level and improving your performance. Outside of the top-notch power-ups, the good old tricks for the game will also help you out a lot. If you’re interested in learning these tips and tricks, check out our main game page for Bubble Shooter!


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Última atualização por Jeff Franklin

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