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Olimpian Mahjong is a challenging version of the classic title Mahjong. It features a design inspired by Olympic sports, 36 levels with unique board arrangements, and punishing mechanics that require you to bring your A-game. The levels also get progressively more difficult, which is another challenge you need to overcome.

Your performance at every level gets rated, and you earn a different-colored Olympic medal depending on how well you do. The better your performance, the better medal you earn.

Olimpian Mahjong Levels\

The game also features some helpful mechanics that you cause whenever you’re struggling, but keep in mind that those have limited uses.

Matching the Tiles

Olimpian Mahjong has the same rules as the classic game – you need to match identical tiles on the board to remove them. You can only match tiles that are on the top of the board and can move to the left or right. The game will highlight the tiles that are available.

One of the challenging aspects of this game is that more types of tiles get added as you progress through the levels. You will start seeing fewer and fewer identical tiles as you progress through the game, as more unique matches appear on the board.

Olimpian Mahjong Time Limit

Another challenge is the time limit. You have a specific amount of time to clear the board. Depending on how quick you are, you will earn a Gold medal, a Silver medal, a Bronze medal, or no medal.

Make the Best Out of the Mechanics

Olimpian Mahjong is one of the most challenging Mahjong games out there, but there are some helpful tools you can use. The game features a “Hint” button that you can use three times per level and a “Shuffle” button that you can use two times per level.

Olimpian Mahjong Helpful Tools

Keep in mind that the game will automatically use one of your Shuffle charges if you have no matches available on the board. If there are no matches left on the board and you can’t shuffle, you lose the level.

Olimpian Mahjong requires a high amount of skill to beat the game. If you want to improve quickly, check out our main game page for Mahjong – it features a variety of top-class tips and tricks.


Последнее обновление: Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Последнее обновление: Jeff Franklin

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