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Classic FreeCell Solitaire offers you a more challenging experience in which you have no features to assist you, limited Undos, and a time limit. This version of the game follows the classic rules, which means that you need to build 4 columns in ascending order (From Ace to King) in the HomeCells.

Classic FreeCell Gameboard

The game has 1,000,000 level combinations that you can play. You are dealt a different Tableau in each level, requiring you to adjust your strategy quickly.

The Timer is Your Worst Enemy

Just like in any version of FreeCell, you can easily lose if you end up with no card combinations left on the board. This isn’t too much of an issue if you’re a seasoned FreeCell player and you think your move through. Here lies the challenge, though.

Classic FreeCell Timer

In Classic FreeCell Solitaire, you have a timer that will push you to make decisions rashly. You have only 10 minutes to solve the gameboard, and if you don’t manage to win within that time limit, you will lose.

Your performance for every level gets graded as well. You will get a score that’s based on how much time you have left once you build all the HomeCells. When cards become available, the game will automatically add them to your HomeCells to make the game easier.

Limited Help

Classic FreeCell Undos

One of the biggest challenges in Classic FreeCell Solitaire is that you have barely any helpful features. There is no Hint button, and you have limited uses for your Undo button. You can only Undo 3 moves per game.

Not only do you have to make decisions quickly, but you have barely any room for error due to this lack of helpful features.

A helpful tip is to open all your Aces and 2s as soon as possible.
Are you looking for more helpful tips? Our main game page for FreeCell Solitaire features a lot of tricks and strategies that the pros use!


Senast uppdaterad av Jeff Franklin

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Senast uppdaterad av Jeff Franklin

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