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6 Peaks Solitaire is an updated and improved version of Golf Solitaire. The game uses the classic ruleset of Golf but offers a lot more variety in the Tableau arrangements. Instead of just having a Tableau with 7 cards on top of one another, the Tableau can be split into columns, squares, and other figures. This makes 6 Peaks much more challenging and leaves you with a lot more to think about when planning your moves.

As with any Golf Solitaire game, the end goal is to clear up the Tableau and build your Foundation.

6 Peaks game board

Engaging gameplay

6 Peaks is a very entertaining game with its different game modes and Tableau arrangements. The variety of Tableau arrangements includes Six Peaks, Cross, Bone, Pyramid, Tri-Peaks, and tens of other options to test your skills. Each Tableau requires its own strategy, and you have to turn face-down cards by removing the topmost card from each column.

6 Peaks

There are two game modes: An arcade-style game mode with progressive levels and a custom game mode where you choose the Tableau arrangement. The custom game mode is a good choice if you’re only looking to play a single game to kill time. You can choose which type of Tableau you want to use, and you’re free to choose the game background.

6 Peaks tablaue arangment

Levels is the main game mode, and the aim is not only to win each level but to build the highest score. The gameplay is built around you playing level after level, each one featuring a different Tableau arrangement. You’re rewarded with bonus points for streaks of cards added to the Foundation, and you also earn bonus points the faster you finish each round. The variety of Tableaus makes the game a serious challenge, as you have to adapt to different layouts and move quickly.

6 Peaks layout

Do you want to improve at Golf Solitaire and learn all the tips and tricks? Our main game page for Golf features a variety of tricks and strategy advice you can use to become a real pro at the game!


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

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Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin


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