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If you’re looking for a spooky challenge for Halloween, then Halloween Bubble Shooter is the answer to your needs. The game uses a thematic design, with you shooting the bubbles from witch cauldrons. You’re not only trying to clear colored bubbles, but the game also adds skulls that you have to remove to gain points.

Halloween Bubble Shooter Game

As you clear the lines, Halloween Bubble Shooter gets harder. The game adds lines from time to time, and the higher level you’re at, the more often new lines will be added. You get rewarded for using your bubbles strategically rather than just shooting.

Make every shot count

You start every level with 4 lines of bubbles that you have to destroy. There’s a dotted line near your cauldron from where you shoot. If the bubbles reach that line, you lose. Halloween Bubble Shooter doesn’t have any levels. Instead has an infinite progression system, similar to games like Tetris. The game gets more complex as you reach higher levels. Instead of being pressured by a timer, you’re pressured by the bubbles building up faster between your shots.

Halloween Bubble Shooter Losing Line

In Halloween Bubble Shooter, you can chain destroy bubbles, which is why planning your shots is essential. If you destroy bubbles that were supporting other bubbles at a lower level, you also clear the lower ones.

You can also bounce bubbles off the wall. This trick is helpful if you want to reach a higher line, but a direct way through is blocked. You can destroy a higher line of bubbles and chain-destroy the bubbles that they’re supporting below them.

Halloween Bubble Shooter Chain Destroying bubbles

When you reach the next level, the game will also help you out by destroying all bubbles of the color you just destroyed. Thanks to this, you get a soft reset every time you progress.

There’s a lot of tricks you can learn to get better at the game. If you’re interested, check out our main game page for Bubble Shooter. We’ve featured all our helpful tips and tricks on that page!


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

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