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Mahjong Cards is a combination of two of the most beloved web-based games – Mahjong and Solitaire. The game uses the classic Mahjong rules, but instead of tiles, you match cards of the same suit and number.

Mahjong Cards tiles

Mahjong Cards is an arcade game. You start from level 1, and every time you beat a level, you progress to the next one. Each level has a unique tile arrangement you need to analyze and figure out to win.

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

One of the most challenging aspects of Mahjong Cards is the timer for every level – you have a timer of 8 minutes to complete the gameboard, or else you lose. The game has a helpful mechanic in this regard; if you make matches very quickly, one after the other, you’ll get 20 bonus seconds to your time. There isn’t a limit on how many bonus seconds you can earn, so planning ahead is very rewarding in this game.

Mahjong Cards timer

Next to the timer, you’ll also find a counter showing you how many available moves you have and a counter showing how many cards are left.

How to Move the Tiles

Mahjong Cards Which pieces you can move

Just like in classic Mahjong, in this version of the game, you can only match cards if they’re not blocked on their left or right side, and no cards are sitting on top of them. The cards must also be of the same suit and number, with the Joker card being the only one that can match with any Joker.

Mahjong Cards Features

Mahjong Cards has a couple of great features to aid you in progressing its levels. You can Mix the gameboard to change up the tile arrangement if you’re running out of moves, and you can also receive hints if you’re stuck. Keep in mind that you can only use these functions only three times per level.
Mahjong Cards is a very challenging game, so being an expert at Mahjong is a must. Our dedicated game page for Mahjong features some fantastic tips and tricks to help you beat the game consistently.



Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

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