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Mahjong Relax is one of the best games for a beginner to enter the world of Mahjong and not be pressured to learn the game quickly. The game features no challenging mechanics, doesn’t have a difficult level progression system, and has no timer or limit on the way you can play the game.

The only tile arrangement is the one the classic Mahjong game uses. The game allows you to conveniently play around and figure out how the Mahjong rules work.

Mahjong Relax Tiles

How to Play

Mahjong Relax is very simple. Your goal is to find matching tiles and remove them from the board. You can only remove tiles that can be moved to their left or their right – if there are other tiles on both of their sides, they’re not considered as available. You’re also not allowed to move any titles that are covered by other ones, so a good piece of strategy is to uncover as many tiles as possible early in the game.

Mahjong Relax doesn’t have a timer or anything of the sort. The game gives you all the time you need to make your moves. There aren’t any high scores, nor are there different levels. You play the game for the sake of playing and enjoying it.

Mahjong Relax Bonuses

If you’re struggling with the board, there are also multiple helpful mechanics you can use. You can use the Mix button to reshuffle all the tiles, the Undo button to reverse your moves, and the Hint button to ask the game to show you available tile matches. There’s no penalty for using these mechanics.

The game is very user-friendly and leaves a lot of room for mistakes. It doesn’t pressure you to think quickly or already know Mahjong well. Because of this, Mahjong Relax is a fantastic choice both for beginners who want to learn the game and for seasoned Mahjong veterans who want to enjoy a relaxing game.

Are you interested in learning more about Mahjong? Our main game page for it has a breakdown of the game’s history and rules!


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

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