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Solitaire Grande is an engaging and futuristic version of everyone’s favorite Solitaire game – Klondike. Solitaire Grande features the classic gameplay of Klondike with a slick, modern card design that gives the feeling that you’re playing a brand new game. It also features a reward system for each game you’ve won, as well as a shop you can spend your points in. There’s also convenient quality of life changes added to the game which make it much more enjoyable.

But all fantastic changes aside, to win the game the same way you beat most Klondike games – you have to move all cards to the Foundations in ascending order.

Solitaire Grande game board

User-friendly gameplay

Just like many modern Solitaire games, Solitaire Grande has some very convenient mechanics. There’s an undo button with unlimited uses that you can use to rewind your moves. You also have a Hint button that you can click, and the game will automatically make a move for you. This is a great button to use when you’re stuck. There’s also a statistics menu that keeps track of your total games, wins, highest score, etc.

Solitaire Grande Undo and Hint buttons

Solitaire Grande also has a system that makes the game a bit more challenging. Every time you go through your whole Draw Pile, you lose points, excluding the first time you turn it. This encourages you to use your board and to remember what cards you have in your Draw pile.

Modern Reward System

The game has a very progressive reward system, which encourages you to keep playing. Every time you win a round, you get coins which are the in-game currency. You can also earn coins by completing Achievements, which reward a certain amount you can claim.

Solitaire Grande Coins use

You can use this in-game currency to buy new designs for your cards’ faces, backs, and also new backgrounds to play on.

Do you want to learn more intriguing info about Klondike? Our main game page for Klondike Solitaire features everything you need to know about the game. There’s a detailed breakdown of the rules, as well as a handful of useful tips and tricks.


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

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