Xmas Triple Mahjong Free Online, Квітень 2024.

Jeff Franklin

Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

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Christmas is a great time to play some online games. After all, you’re relaxing at home, you have no chores, and you have all the free time in the world. Xmas Triple Mahjong is a great game to kill some time during the holidays – maybe while you’re getting the Christmas dinner ready or you’re waiting for the family.

Xmas Triple Mahjong Gameboard

The game uses the classic Mahjong rules for moving the tiles, but instead of matching two pieces, you have to match three. With this in mind, you have to plan your moves a bit more cautiously and constantly scan the board to identify open pieces.

Match the Christmas-themed tiles

Xmas Triple Mahjong uses a Christmas-inspired theme for its background and tiles. The game has 18 levels in total, with more and more tiles appearing as you progress the game, and as such more Christmas designs appearing.

Xmas Triple Mahjong Sets of 3

Removing tiles is a bit more challenging compared to regular Mahjong. You need to find three matching tiles that are considered open. And for them to be considered available for moves, they need to have their right or left side open, meaning that there are no other tiles next to them. Carefully analyzing the board and planning your moves is crucial, as if you make the wrong moves, you can end up with no sets of 3 matching tiles available. And if that happens, then you need to restart the round.

Xmas Triple Mahjong Timer

The last win condition is beating the timer – each level comes with a time limit of 10 minutes. At the start of the game, this time limit is plenty, and you won’t be worrying about it but as the game progresses, you might start getting pushed by it.

Matching three identical tiles can be quite a challenge, especially as there are rules and conditions you need to comply with. Our main game page for Mahjong features some great tricks that can help you out with beating even the most difficult levels!


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

He no longer lives in his mom’s basement, but Jeff still manages to play online games whenever he has a free minute.


Востаннє оновлено користувачем Jeff Franklin

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